Saturday, December 26, 2009

Welcome letter, soon to start

Welcome to 365 Tea, this is a new endeavor that we are going to embark on, the goal is to bring the world of tea to those who haven't traversed her sweet and sometimes spicy hills, to open the doors of a land of tastes and flavors never thought to have existed. I hope that in this year we will all learn and grow, we will try things this year that we may have never thought of and we must be willing to expand our horizons on the fields of tea and herbal infusions, as well as other delicacies that go with the world of tea.

This blog is geared for the new beginner in the world of tea, as well as others more experienced. We will start with the basics from the history of tea to the different types of teas, brewers, and pots as well as foods and candies that pair well with teas, much like fine wines, teas have different flavors bodies, and textures. Lets work our way though till we reach the summit of the art of tea.

I want to have feedback from your experiences and your ideas, I would love to see what things you have learned along the way and I hope that we all can grow to enjoy tea by the end of this year.

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