Saturday, July 16, 2011

July tea review Grey's Tea, Good Afternoon blend

Grey's Teas

Good Afternoon blend-

So maybe I am longing for some relief from the heat and wanted something that remind me of a cool fall day, campfires and the smell of dried leaves that hits me right around my birthday in October (18th, if anyone wants to get me a present).

This tea did just the trick, it is reminiscent of my grandmothers love for afternoon tea, and it really has a calming effect to the hustle and bustle of my day.

My first reaction was joy at the sweet woodiness of the leaves, followed by the undeniable smokiness that usually follows a good Lapsang souchong (one of my personal favorites) but with a bit more earthy sweetness. The liquor also had beautifully rich caramel redness to it, I have to say that it reminded me of a fall evening and I will be more than happy to relive that again and again. The taste was very full without being overpowering, it's warm flavor (not temp but, think brown sugar) and sweet almost (this may sound crazy) light artichoke like notes were very well balanced.

I have to give this very high marks for a very GOOD AFTERNOON tea.

Our Afternoon blend - Well chosen China and Indian teas are blended to give a light, fragrant liquor with a little smokiness. Once you have tried it you will not drink an average tea during the afternoon ever again! Can be drunk with or without milk.
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