Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June Tea Review Obubu Tea Plantations, Sencha of the Earth

This month I am reviewing some lovely tea from the Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantations. 

Sencha of the Earth (Spring harvested Shincha)

This tea was very good, I mean its hard to wrong when you have a spring harvested Shincha tea. But this one has a very good quality liquor and a nice balance of vegetative sweetness with just a hint of the ever expected bite of a green tea.

I was pleasantly surprised with the earthy taste that this tea has, it really is worth trying.

From their Website:
Balancing sweetness with bitterness, the Sencha of the Earth or 大地の煎茶, was named because it comes from standard tea plants over 30 years old. The strength of these plants is simply amazing, and we can feel the power of the earth as we drink it. Grown on northwest facing slopes near the Wazuka River.

This Tea gets 4 out of 5 cups for me.

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