Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall into Chai

I have to start out with a shameless self promotion... its my birthday today, yep I turned 35 today, feeling a little older but not to much  so there we go, happy birthday to me, feel free to send gifts bleated or not :) Now on to the review:

As fall is fast approaching, its time to switch things up a bit. I really like a good green tea in the spring and a refreshing iced tea preferably a citrusy black tea for summer, yet when fall hits the air. I'm all about a good Chai Tea  (but who isn't). That blend of sweet spicy goodness just steams out of the cup. 

Tali's Masala ChaiI think the old saying goes he that finds a good Chai, finds a good thing... maybe that's  not quite right but you get the general idea. I have found a good Chai, it is one of my favorites:
Tali's Masala Chai From Art of Tea:
According to the ancient science of Ayurveda we need to have a balance of all six tastes throughout the day. Our fusion of organic Assam tea anchored in cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and other spices, is finely balanced to create the perfect aromatic blend. Sages in India are known to infuse the tea with milk and sugar.

This tea seems to have that perfect blend that I look for in a good Chai the balance of black tea flavor with the spiciness of clove ginger and cardamom. This  tea goes well with milk and honey or simply on its own, I highly recommend picking some up and making a pot (or two) today. curl up with a good book and watch the leaves turn from green to red orange and yellow... or if you are in Texas like I am, from green to brown to on the ground, either way pick some up and enjoy the rest of your day.

Below is a link to the tea: 

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